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Time to vent

Okay everybody this is my get it off my chest post. Usually after I write a post where I just fuss for a bit, I feel better and move on.
First, the weather, it is raining here every other day. So the barometric pressure is going up and down. It is cold for a few days, then warm for a few days. I am hurting like hell. No not the Jehovah Witness Hell where you die and just lie in the Grave, I'm talking the Southern Baptist fire and Brimstone type Hell. That's not meant to be sacrilegious, I think got has a sense of humor. Why else did he make the platypus? If the weather would just stay the same for a little while, no the rainy weather isn't ideal for me, nor is the cold weather, but I actually hurt less if my body can get use to the cold,rainy weather that this stupid swapping back and forth. They accuse women of not being able to make up their minds and I guess Mother Nature is trying to help them make their case in my part of the world.
I wasn't going to watch American idol without Simon and I liked Paula too. I think the three judges worked. I didn't watch it last season. Last week when it came on, I was on the computer, so I left it on it the back ground. I hate to say it, but I really think that they have picked some good replacements. JLO tries to be nice. Steven Tyler is great and Randy as usual rounds it out, but Randy had become harder which he kinda needed to do. Steven Tyler is really not that good looking, but he is certainly sexy.
My Grandbaby is here, my daughter needs my help keeping her because she is working. I love to keep her. I don't have much excitement in my life and she brings me so much joy. Anyway my gripe where she is concerned is that I text my Mama and she doesn't respond and she only text me to ask when they can keep the baby. It would be nice if she would text me every now and then just to talk.
I got another phone today so I'm back in business. I'm thankful for my husband. I really won the lottery when I met him.
I've joined the swap-bot community and I've been so excited about it. It seems like it's going to be a bunch of fun. I hope that I can make some new friends like this. Thanks for the suggestion to join... you know who you are. I've finished 3 so far and got good ratings. I got my first PC in the mail today. I'm taking it slow like you do when you swim. dipping my toes in the water before I jump in head first. anyone that's over 18 check it out.
I'm reading 2 books at one time "Secret Garden" and "Cryptonomicon" The first is for swap-bot the second is for the "1001 books community" on here. The second isn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.
Oh well I guess my bitching didn't last very long. I fussed what maybe in 2 paragraphs... ok now I'm fussing because I'm not fussing... lol good enough.
Part II

Quintessence Editions Ltd. are the originators of the highly successful 1001 Before You Die series

1001 movies you should see before you dieCollapse )
Quintessence Editions Ltd. are the originators of the highly successful 1001 Before You Die series

1. 12 Angry Men - Sidney Lumet'scourtroom drama enjoys enduring popularity because it is a hothouse for smart performances, sudden twists, and impassioned monologues. Uniquely, the brilliantly economical and riveting drama of 12 Angry Men does not actually take place in the courtroom except for a brief prologue as the jury is sent out with the judge's instructionsbut during a single, sweltering afternoon in the jury room. (1957)

2.1900- One of the first, and certainly one of the longest, political metaphor movies released in the 1970s, what was Bernardo Bertolucci?s labor of love was made possible only after the astonishing success of his Last Tango In Paris. Spanning forty-five years of social history, this two part, five-hour film is not meant to be entertaining. (1976)

3.2001-An artifact of evidently extraterrestrial origin triggers and monitors key stages on man'sjourney from ape to star child. At the dawn of man a mysterious monolith is the catalyst for an evolutionary leap in primates, from scavenger and gatherer to tool-wielding hunter and killer. Many millennia later a monolith uncovered by a geological team stationed on the moon alarmingly emits a short radio signal toward Jupiter. (1968)

4. 3-Iron-Since making his directorial debut with Crocodile in 1996 at the age of 36, Kim Ki-duk has been churning out film after film at breathtaking speed. He has written and directed fifteen titles since then, and they continue to reveal a world not of cinematic realism, but of one where the boundary between dream and reality erodes. (2004)

5. The 39 Steps- After several tentative early steps and a few small breakthroughs, The 39 Steps was the first clear creative peak in Alfred Hitchcock?s British period and arguably marked the first fully successful film in the director?s rapidly deepening oeuvrestarting at the end of the silent era, by the time of The 39 Steps he had already directed 18 films. (1935)

6.42nd Street - Sawyer, you're going out a youngster, but you've got to come back a star! The grandmother of backstage musicals is still a tuneful charmer (verified by its adaptation into a Broadway hit fifty years later), but it also occupies a special place in film history, for several appealing reasons (1933)

7.8 1/2 -Marcello Mastroianni with hat and cigar in a bathtub . . . . Immemorial white walls and the black line of a whip . . . . Impressive women and fantasies . . . . The images of Federico Fellini's 8 1/2 remain, and the sounds as well (a pity for those who have never heard the film in its original, though so artificial, Italian). (1963)

8. A One and a Two - Edward Yang's most accessible movie and probably his best since A Brighter Summer Day this 2000 feature follows three generations of a contemporary Taipei family from a wedding to a funeral, and although it takes almost three hours to unfold, not a single moment seems gratuitous. Working once again with nonprofessional actors, Yang coaxes a standout (2000)

9.An Actor's Revenge is one of the most outrageously entertaining Japanese films ever produced. At the time it was made, its director, Kon Ichikawa, was out of favor with his studio, as his last two films had lost money. By way of punishment he was assigned the task of making a film to mark the 300th screen role of legendary actor Kazuo Hasegawa. (1963)

10. The Actress - Stanley Kwan's1992 masterpiece is still quite possibly the greatest Hong Kong film I'veseen; perhaps only some of the masterpieces of Wong Kar-wai, such as Days of Being Wild (1991) and In the Mood for Love (2000)both of these also significantly period films arecomparable in depth and intensity. Yet it must be acknowledged that the shortening of the original 167-minute running (1992)

part I

My Favorite Television Program = I don't really have one favorite program. I like to watch the court shows: Judge Judy, Judge, Alex, Pepople's Court, Divorce Court, Judge Joe Brown,ect. I like to watch the Trailer Park Shows: Maury, Steve, Jerry Springer. I like to watch the crime series: CSI,SVU, Law & Order, Bones,Criminal Minds, Lie To Me, The Mentalist, NCIS, Numb3rs, Without a Trace, Fringe, Burn Notice . I like Misc others like: Two and a Half Men, Hell's Kitchen, How I met Your Mother, Glee,/Psych and Warehouse 13 and last, but not least local news. I like to watch TV, but sometimes I just like to have the TV on in the room for background noise so that there isn't dead silence in the room.

1. Piercings- I have two piercings in each ear lobe. I used to have my navel pierced, but I've let it close up.
2. I've got one Tattoo. I got it, this year will make three years ago. I had wanted to get one for years, but when I had the money, I had better sense and when I got up the nerve, I didn't have the money. Anyway when my daughter turned eighteen, that's what she wanted us to get done together. First it took a little bit to convince my husband since he was going to have to pay for both tattoos. He doesn't even like more than one ear ring so the tattoo took some major talking. The first time we went over there he wouldn't go with us, and he was mad that we were going so we were determined to go anyway. We go over there and the place is closed so on the way home we stop and buy these rub on tattoos out of a gum ball machine. We didn't have much change so we had to take the first two we got. She got some kind of huge Buddha and I don't remember what I got, but needless to say it was not something I would have picked to put permanently on my body. Hers was worse though. We went into the bathroom and carefully placed them on our lower backs. So we go home. He is sitting at the computer and she goes over to him and tells him that we really got a deal on the tattoos. Because we got them done together he only charged us 150.00.... each and wasn't that good. She didn't even give him time to say anything before she turned around and lifted her shirt and asked him what he thought of hers. You could almost see the fire come out of his ears when he asked her what she got that for and he wanted to see mine. She was explaining that she had heard it was good luck she said talking 90 miles a minute. a handed him an alcohol prep pad and said it's really sensitive they told me if I'd wipe it down real good with this it'd stop hurting faster. My husband was steady fussing about what she had got and how he should just let it hurt ect, and 300.00 for stupid mess ect, but he took the alcohol prep anyway. They whole time he really hadn't looked that good at either tattoo and I wasn't close enough for him to see mine. He wiped he tattoo one good time and of course it started to wipe off and she and I died laughing. Anyway The next day after all that he agreed to go with us. I guess we gave him a preview of what might happen. He actually helped my daughter choose hers. She chose a sleeping dragon. I went first, the guy tried to convince me just to go with part of my design because it was my first tattoo, but I told him no that was the very reason that I wanted my entire design. It was my first tattoo and after sitting through that I might never get any more of it so I wanted to get it all to begin with. I got a butterfly in the middle of mu lower back with flowers on either side and a fairy flying up out of the flowers. After I finished and it was my daughter's turn, she got the outline of the dragon which is maybe at the most as large as my butterfly, but I think it's a little smaller and she said " I think it's fine like it is, I don't think it needs color." I said "Hell no, you are the one that talked me in to getting a tattoo and I sat through all of mine, color and all and you are going to get all of yours." She got the color. Hers was pretty neat and original when he finished hers, he asked if he could take a picture of hers for his book and he did. Since then, I've imagined a way that I wanted to add to it, but it would probably be a huge argument with my husband so until I'm ready to fight that battle, It will remain as is. Oh as a side note I do not use, nor am I familiar with most of the crude terms people use for everything these days. So it was only after getting my tattoo which I thought was a good place because I could show it easily without exposing too much of myself and yet I could easily cover it for work or anywhere else that I didn't want it seen,that I learned it was called a "tramp stamp" when placed on the lower back.

Writer's Block: Circle the date

What's your favorite holiday, and why? Are there any holidays you dislike?
My favorite holiday is Halloween. Or atleast it use to be, in recent years people have tried to take the fun out of it. When my children were small, I enjoyed thinking up their costumes and then making them myself. The more original the better. When I had one child he was made into a tv set and the grape man from the fruit of the loom commercial then I had two children and before I could even think of clever costumes for two three children had came along and along with my sister's little girl, I designed for the group. They were the characters from the wizard of oz. I dressed up each year and walked around trick or treating with them. I made sure to ask for Halloween off each year at work. Of course as my kids got older they wanted to go with the store bought dracula and princess costumes and we did that too. I don't enjoy Christmas that much because I stress over the gifts,will we have enough money, will everyone like what they got? Thanksgiving I like okay, but I am really not that big of a food eater and I have to worry about going to both family's houses and usually somebody is going to be at odds at my family's house. Valentine's Day is nice for me because my husband always buys me something nice. Fourth of July, fireworks are okay, but I wouldn't miss them if I didn't see them. That is my brother's birthday though and if he lived closer, I'd much rather celebrate with him, than see fireworks. Easter I like as much as Thanksgiving, I like to watch the kids hunting eggs. New Years Eve, I've never been a big party person and although I try to watch the big ball drop most of the time, I fall asleep only to wake the next morning having missed it by 6 or 7 minutes. Did I miss any? If I did obviously it's not my favorite.

1. Suzanne = Although this is my middle name, this or some version of this is what I've been called all of my life. I actually like it better than my first name. What famous person shares my names? Suzanne Sommers. She also shares my birthday, How ironic. I wish we shared the same clothing side and bank account :-)

Writer's Block opens my thoughts

Today's writer's block brought up many old memories that I had packed away. I can't say that I was a sheltered teenager, my parents argued. I never saw my parents really physically fight,but there were some heated verbal battles and often the verbal battles led to my mother telling me I was going to have to choose between my parents or her trying to jump from a moving car or us walking down the road with my daddy following us in the car. One night I woke up screaming because I heard my Daddy telling her to go ahead and shot him if she wanted to, but all I ever heard was words, she never shot him, he didn't let her jump and they never divorced each other because even though they argued up until the day my Daddy died, they loved each other.I hung around in a group of 4 other girls and my parents were the only parents who weren't divorced.The other girls all had step fathers. I constantly heard how I didn't understand how lucky I was. In some ways I do consider that I was lucky, but in other ways I felt they didn't understand. When their parents divorced, they had grieved like a death, but I I had to constantly watch my parents fight with each other and be told that I had to choose between the two people I loved most in the world. How was that lucky? Years later when they finally quit fighting,then I was lucky, but not when my friends said I was. Teenagers are so stupid. I remember just how stupid I was. We knew this girl who married young and her husband beat her. She stayed with him and we couldn't believe she stayed with him and put up with it. I remember all of us me included saying that world famous stupid quote "let him hit me, he's got to go to sleep sometime" and we all had our own version of what we'd do to him once he fell asleep. I got married to a man 5 years my senior, not even a month after I turned 18. The first time he hit me, did I hit him back? yes I did. What did he do he busted my nose. what did I do? I hid it from my parents/friends/neighbors, because I was embarrassed and I thought maybe I had caused it because he had been drinking and I wasn't a drinker, but I thought if I drank some of his beer that meant he would drink less and he wouldn't get as drunk. So when I drank the last beer he hit me and went and bought more. That was the first and last time I hit him, from then on out I hid the abuse from my family. The one time I did leave, he came home drunk and I had fallen asleep. He became enraged because I had fallen asleep. He said numerous things, jerked me around, gave me a black eye told me to go home to my parents and told me that he had borrowed a gun and if my parents came over there he would kill them. I was expecting our first child at the time. I cried all the way to my parents house, my mama wasn't home she was at the local football game so I cried all the way there. I didn't even stop at the gate, I just walked to where I knew she would be. I found her and told her what he had called me and begged her not to go over there because of what he had said about the gun. She asked me one thing "Are you going back to him?" Of course I said "no,mama,I'm not ever going back." She took me home and put me to bed. Later that night, I heard that he had been arrested for everything they could arrest him for when he got out drunk driving. My Granddaddy was one of the Captains at the police department and would you believe I called my Granddaddy and begged him to tell him that I wasn't the one that had him arrested. After all that it still mattered to me. And you guessed it. When he first got out he was ugly to me for a few weeks then he called and I went back to him because can you guess what he said... I bet you can "I love you,I'm sorry, you didn't deserve that and I'll never hit you again" famous last words, but I did make myself a promise that I kept. I went back and I decided that I was going to stay until I got my fill. I wasn't going to drag my family into a bunch of mess. I stayed. Abuse of every conceivable nature, drug/alcohol abuse, 3 treatment centers, job after job after job, house after house after house, no support from his family they were like quicksand themselves helping to pull him down into a pit of despair. In the end knowing that no matter how much I love him it isn't enough to help him and that he is going to be locked in not only a real prison, but a prison,but a prison of his own making, because he is going to lose someone who really loves him and his children. I'm sure it's hard to understand the point of this post, but the point was I guess callously saying thing like "he has to go to sleep sometimes" when we have never slept with the devil himself. We learn how hot hell is when we attempt to make a pet out of Cerberus.

Writer's Block: How could you?

Would you ever take someone back after they cheated on you, and why? What could change your mind?
I know that many marriages survive infidelity. I have also learned over the years that infidelity had nothing to do with a spouse not loving the other spouse. When I was young I met this couple Richard and Patricia. Richard was a very likable fellow.He worked long hours. He supplied his family with whatever they asked for and more. His wife did not work and he appeared a very loving husband. I learned through the grapevine that Richard was having an affair. I also learned that this was a long term affair. Not only had he been seeing this other woman for years, but there had always been women in his life from the first year he and Patricia were married and yet she remained married to him. Over the years she had found out about th various ladies and she knew about the current one. As I said I was young, I liked Richard and he was certainly the more likable one in the couple. So I looked at the situation and I thought "Well it is no wonder he runs around, look at her, she doesn't ever try to fix herself up. She has gained three times the weight she was when they got married. She always wears tshirts,no bra and shorts. she doesn't shave her legs or wear any make up. I'd run around too". The years past and I matured. I began to understand her personality more. Soon I learned something, He didn't run around on her because she didn't fix herself up, it was really the other way around. She had lost interest in trying to fix hersef up because he ran around. She chose to stay for one reason or the other and at this point they are old, the kids are all grown, he still runs around and it looks like he will out last her. Was it worth it? I don't think so. I forgave my first husband for many things that other people probably wouldn't have, but that was the one thing I couldn't forgive.

random thoughts to end 2010 (... IV)

I was on lj a few days ago and kept getting pictures of dead babies, grotesque pictures that apparently someone found funny. Working in the medical field for 20 plus years I often have a sick sense of humor, but in no way, size, shape or fashion could I find humor, ithere. Plus the community has nothing to do with that by any stretch of the imagination. So after the third post, I flipped on user info to complain to the moderator only to discover that she was one one of the moderators. As I was sending her a hot note, I happened to read a note from to girl asking them if they would take her pictures down. It was then That I thought about about how I would feel if someone had posted my photo for people to laugh at me. I hadn't even let it enter my mind that these were real people that might see this and be hurt by this. I quit every community with that kind of agenda.
My granddaughter has an animated electronic elephant that makes kissing sounds and lifts its trunk and roars when you rub his head or back it makes other noises but anyway my grandaughter will pet him if someone is holding her but if it roars and lifts its trunk she shakes her head and whines. I think she thinks he is real. I'd love for her to see a real one.
There are two really great poems I suggest you read " this too shall pass away " not sure or the author, but you'll know it's. The right
poem if it begins " Once in Persia reigned a
king" The. Second is by Dorothy Parker it's
about suicide and the last line is you might as
well live. If you get a chance to read
them,please tell me if you enjoyed them.
Speaking of that sewer touch I joined
another community on here where you
exchange Christmas gifts with a secret pal. I
am one of the ones that hasn't got a gift from
their secret santa. I did receive a very pretty
Christmas card from a lj friend and hers was
found yesterday in my husband car, but I told
him to mail it anyway. The sewer touch trust
me...lol. I know 2011 will be better. I have
faith I'm getting a new grandbaby so that right
there is one good thing.
I miss you Becca! To all my new lj friends I
hope I get to know you better and. 2011 is a
great year for you. It makes my day to
communicate back and forth with y'all.
Finally I think I've cleared my brain.....no one more thing
My son Jeremi (middle 21) woke me up today screaming. I knew I had been because I remembered my dream. He said I was yelling for my husband and my daughter. I was having a nightmare that somebody was letting their dogs attack me and my grandbaby and they were going to eat us alive. I was trying to
get help and I couldn't get anyone to hear me.
Oh crap seems I can't clear my mind I just
remembered something else about lj. I'm not
someone that enjoys arguing and fighting with
people over things that seems small
compared to what I've gone through in my life
and what I still deal with so if the fire gets too hot I just quit cooking, but some people want to pour water on a grease fire instead of using salt to put it out.



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